The Battle of Giants uses alternative data to benchmark management’s ability to innovate and grow. So leaders can compare strategic plans against peers, and so investors can use data, not gut feelings, to evaluate leadership abilities.


I think you judge management by two yardsticks… One is how well they run the business, and I think you can learn a lot about that by reading about both what they’ve accomplished and what their competitors have accomplished, and seeing how they have allocated capital over time.” – Warren Buffet

In other words, we spot growth leaders by evaluating how competitive and innovative their strategy is, as well as their ability to execute on ideas.

How do leaders plan to Compete and Win?

We do this via data science. Using machine learning to mine and identify strategic initiatives from a treasure trove of alternative data. We expose a company’s strategy by analyzing where they’re investing their most precious resources, their human capital.

Doing this at scale, for whole industry groups, allows us to compare growth potential against peers, identify competitive advantage, fact-check announcements, and discover unannounced initiatives. We take fundamental analysis to the next level. It’s the next best thing to having:

What’s Jeff Bezos’s Growth Plan?

Is leadership conducive to innovation? What are their top priorities? Are moonshot initiatives ready to scale? We answer these questions by analyzing recruiting data to understand where companies are allocating their most important resource:

Where is Human Capital Invested?

Instead of gauging an executive’s tone during an earnings call, investors can assess data on the firm’s job postings. Its hiring plans might better reflect management’s sentiment.” –The Economist

From geographic expansion to potential acquisition targets, seizing opportunity means spotting it before your peers. Crunching deeper into competitor fundamentals data can help you spot areas of weakness in their execution – potentially informing your own growth or M&A plans.” –Bloomberg