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Amazon’s Fresh Stores may more than double its grocery sales; Go after Aldi, not Walmart.

Food Fight , Retail

The end battle in Amazon’s war against grocery stores has begun: Amazon Fresh is opening brick and mortar locations. Four stores have launched in California, with more coming in Illinois, offering everyday low prices for all customers (not just Prime members). That’s the same value proposition that pushed 95% of U.S. consumers to shop at...

Amazon Halo is a $1.5B+ Opportunity To Help Baby Boomers Manage Chronic Conditions

Consumer Technology , Disrupting Healthcare

The Opportunity: Amazon Halo aims to help consumers track their health, as well as share patient data with healthcare insurers and clinicians. It’ll make it easier to manage chronic conditions and incentivize users to use PillPack and Amazon Care in the future. Estimated Growth Potential: Sales of $1B can be achieved by focusing on early...

Rivian/Amazon Electric Truck Taps the $17.3B Opportunity Tesla Missed

Battle for Convenience , Retail
Amazon , Tesla

We analyzed the opportunity for Tesla to build an electric delivery truck back in 2018, and estimated a $17.3B sales opportunity over 10 years. That compares to an estimated $9.85B in revenue over 10 years it’d make selling electric Semis (yet to launch,) effectively forsaking over $7B dollars. It appears Rivian will now be tapping...

TikTok: Walmart’s $7.5B ticket to unshackle from Google

Battle for Eyeballs , Online Advertising , Retail

Nobody in America has cracked social commerce. Of the $60B+ sales made via social commerce worldwide in 2019, less than $1B came reportedly from the U.S. Chinese netizens made the bulk of these impulse buys. Yet Walmart, a largely traditional brick & mortar retailer, thinks Tik Tok can help it leapfrog ahead of Amazon and...

Walmart Likely Shopping for Cashierless Technology

Battle for Convenience , Retail

TLDR: We predict Walmart acquiring a cashier-less tech startup like Grabango. Cashierless forced into mainstream COVID is also pushing retailers to try radical changes. Walmart is testing cashierless checkout by replacing people with self-checkout machines. Customers may not enjoy self-checkout so much. Researchers found that more than 60% of shoppers who use self-checkout don’t use...