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Amazon, Walmart, Target prepare for uncertain COVID-19 demand; Costco parties on.

Amazon , Costco , Target , Walmart

TLDR: Costco is most confident in growth during and post-COVID. Target least. Surge in temp hires during COVID-19 Amazon, Costco and Walmart all appear to be investing to grow during COVID. The three retail giants posted more new job postings from April to July 2020 than they did in the same time period last year....

Amazon Just Walk Out: Just In Time For Post-COVID Shopping Era.


Summary: Amazon is ramping up recruiting for Just Walk Out technology, preparing for changing shopping behaviors post-COVID. Retailers without internal tech or analytics teams will benefit most. We wrote in May 2018 that Amazon would make more money selling its cashierless checkout technology to other retailers than opening more Go stores. Well, Amazon finally announced exactly that this past...

Alexa, Grow Faster: Moonshot Initiatives

Consumer Technology

The number of open postings for Alexa roles reached an all-time high of 1,679 this past October. Alexa was born alongside the first Echo speaker on November 6th 2014. It’s hard to imagine 5 years have passed since. Over 26% of US households now own a smart speaker, with Alexa being the dominant voice with...

Amazon hitting peak advertising

Online Advertising

Google and Facebook command 60% of the $107 billion online advertising business, but growth has stalled, and Amazon is stealing market share. Amazon recently acquired ad-server company Sizmek to boost capabilities. Is Amazon becoming a serious threat to the duopoly? What are Amazon’s growth intentions? Amazon continues to pour large investments into Advertising this year...