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TikTok: Walmart’s $7.5B ticket to unshackle from Google

Battle for Eyeballs , Online Advertising , Retail

Nobody in America has cracked social commerce. Of the $60B+ sales made via social commerce worldwide in 2019, less than $1B came reportedly from the U.S. Chinese netizens made the bulk of these impulse buys. Yet Walmart, a largely traditional brick & mortar retailer, thinks Tik Tok can help it leapfrog ahead of Amazon and...

Walmart Likely Shopping for Cashierless Technology

Battle for Convenience , Retail

TLDR: We predict Walmart acquiring a cashier-less tech startup like Grabango. Cashierless forced into mainstream COVID is also pushing retailers to try radical changes. Walmart is testing cashierless checkout by replacing people with self-checkout machines. Customers may not enjoy self-checkout so much. Researchers found that more than 60% of shoppers who use self-checkout don’t use...

Amazon, Walmart, Target prepare for uncertain COVID-19 demand; Costco parties on.

Disrupting Healthcare , Retail
Amazon , Costco , Target , Walmart

TLDR: Costco is most confident in growth during and post-COVID. Target least. Surge in temp hires during COVID-19 Amazon, Costco and Walmart all appear to be investing to grow during COVID. The three retail giants posted more new job postings from April to July 2020 than they did in the same time period last year....

COVID-19 Accelerates Threat Walmart Poses to CVS

Disrupting Healthcare , Retail

Surprise: COVID-19 test operations in Walmart parking lots may give Walmart’s healthcare ambitions an awareness boost. Data: Walmart’s primary care ambitions in its infancy: Only a dozen new jobs open every month compared to hundreds for its pharmacy and optometry operations. Opportunity: Everyday low prices for checkups and convenient locations may be a winning formula,...

Walmart goes on offense against Amazon on apparel, re-invests in Bonobos


Walmart is unexpectedly boosting investment in Fashion. October data shows the number of new positions in apparel and fashion retailing increasing 10x, from 15 in September to 150 in October. Bonobos hiring for 121 positions one month after layoffs Bonobos is responsible for the bulk of this hiring spree. A complete reversal from the situation...